Dock Service

Heavy marine growth on dock float
Dock float heavily encrusted with marine growth

Dock Float Cleaning

We recommend having your dock serviced annually. Having your dock floats cleaned helps extend their life and buoyancy. Periodically removing mussels, barnacles, and other growth from your floats keeps your dock in top shape in terms of appearance and performance. We have seen floats sit higher in the water after cleaning, too.

Help Your Floats Last Longer

Floats will need replacement due to lack of maintenance
Floats near end of service life

This picture shows a dock float in is final stage of serviceability. Floats should last for many years even without service, but having a float serviced extends its service life. It will last longer, and it will do its floating job better, with simple annual cleaning and maintenance.

If your dock is unbalanced and tilts to one side, we can also place additional flotation beneath your dock to level it out. On some floats, the attachment points of the plastic float exterior break off. This allows the float to move or capsize. We can resecure these floats to your dock. Click to our contact information.

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