Hull Cleaning and More

Professional In–Water Hull Cleaning

Martin’s Diving Service cleans boat bottoms in Newport Harbor, CA. We have served Newport Harbor boat owners since 1983. We are licensed and certified. We are not only a professional boat bottom diving company but also a general underwater boat maintenance service provider.

Underwater Services*

  • Hull cleaning
    • Bottom cleaning
    • Rudders, keel, and running gear cleaning
    • Thru–hull inspection and cleaning
    • Zinc inspection and replacement
  • Salvage and underwater recovery services
  • Propeller removal and installation
  • Underwater photos (premium service)
  • Underwater video
  • Underwater insurance surveys
  • Thru–hull installation
  • Thru–hull replacement
*all services are listed separately

    Yacht Maintenance

    • Topside mechanical services
    • Varnish
    • Electronics installation
    • Electrical installation and repair
    • Referrals

    Dock Cleaning & Maintenance

    Heavy marine growth on dock float
    Dock float heavily encrusted with marine growth
    Docks do require maintenance. Simple dock cleaning and servicing helps your dock look and perform better.
    • Remove growth from floats
      • Helps keep friends, family, and pets safe from cuts when they swim around your dock
    • Extend the service life of your dock
      • Place additional flotation under floating docks
      • Secure loose flotation
    • Just contact us!